Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Backpacker mosquito repeller for just 10 cents

Something useful for a change (not just wasting time making fishing gear)

15 cents deposit for the can, mosquito repellent pads 5 cents each and a candle for other 5 cents. If you do not damage the bar code in  your can, you can get your money back, when returning the can to store.

You need a 0.33 cl can, Tea-light candles,  small plate or other unburning material for protection, matches, repellent pads and scissors or knife.

Drink your Long Drink (or beer will do in case of emergency), turn the can upside down and close the keyring opener.  Measure and mark with pen the size of a hole in the side of the can. The optimal size is 2 times height of the candle and 1.5 times the width.  With these measures you generate the maximum amount of heat. If you think its too hot increase the height a little bit.

Cut the hole and place your candle to the bottom

Place a repellent pad on the top. You may slightly form the pad to fit tightly to the top (beer can bottom).

Light the fire and enjoy.  Works with any repellent pad, which is intended to be used on Thermacells, Raid electric killers or similar devices.

Pads usually last for  at least 4 hours and a Tea-light candle burning time is 2-4 hours.  Effect starts in couple of minutes and after 10 minutes you start to hear the sounds of silence. Light one in the evening and you can sleep a mosquito free night in your tent, camping caravan, summer cottage etc…

Works fine  in your garden canopies, porches, boats cabins, almost anywhere. Most of the pads are also for indoor use.

Monday, 11 June 2018

Coming out of the closet  Workshop 

A couple of years, especially during last winter I have been studying how to make reels that would cover my needs with simple construction, bomb proof drag and easy for the eye.

Here, some of my prototypes.

My naming for the reels is genious ;O)  Eg. RP45  is Raised Pillar and 4.5 centimeters of spool diameter:

RP45 Brass and aluminium.  Holds 2# Windcutter fly line with 40 meters backing.

Test fishing during Winter. 0.25 mm monofilment line. Drag seems to work fine.

Another fiery fighter

Wintage looking RP55 with aluminium frame, wooden spool and a handbrake

Green Mamba lurking in the grass. RP60  With 5# WF line and 50 meters of backing. Composite frame, aluminium pillars, aluminium-bronze reelfoot and brass screws.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Vintage Style Singlehand Salmon 8'8" 7#

Been busy, mainly setting up my own engineering workshop into my garage.

But something becoming to come out; an eight foot eight inch Singlehand Salmon rod, with wintage style hardware and rattan grip.

All brass, endcap rubber from guides'n'blanks and metals diy-turned in my garage. Hardy style "universal reel holder" texts carved with diamond carving tool.  Oak from my backyard for wood parts, heat treated pine under rattan. Btw. the rattan grip wound over heat treated pine or heat treated alder weighs a couple of grams less than cork handle!

The first step down style brass ferrules of my own make

Male in percsion lathe

Serrating with diamond grinder

Ready to be fitted

Proudly handmade

I must say that I am very pleased with the appearance and action with th e wooden handle. Casts very well 7 - 8# DT and WF lines.  hope to find some nice salmon to play with soon.